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Botanix Plant Supply are proud growers of selections from the GraftmastersTM range. Our varieties include grafted acacias, brachychitons, grevilleas and more. Many of these are grafted onto high standards, which are perfect for the home garden, adding a touch of colour for small spaces.


Acacia cardiophylla 'Gold Lace'

This weeping acacia has fine, fern-like foliage with a profusion of golden yellow flowers in winter. ‘Gold Lace’ is an ideal feature plant for gardens or in a large tub for courtyards. Trimming back to an outside bud can encourage a broad umbrella shape with increased flowering.

acacia goldilocks

Acacia baileyana 'Goldilocks'

A weeping standard with fine foliage and deep yellow flowers, appearing in late winter. Ideal feature plant for a tub or container in a sunny position in a courtyard.

hymenosporum flavum_the_goldstandard

Hymenosporum flavum 'The Gold Standard'

High graft form of the hymenosporum 'Gold Nugget'.
Yellow to cream flowers and little maintenance required to retain form.
Sweetly scented flowers similar to frangipani appear November to December. Would suit large tubs and containers in full to part sun.


Acacia cognata 'Waterfall'

A weeping standard with bright emerald green foliage. Soft perfumed yellow flowers appear in spring, attracting birds.

brachychiton acerifolia_bella_pink

Brachychiton populneus x acerifolia 'Bella Pink'

This grafted selection is a small to medium shade tree with glossy light green foliage. Salmon pink flowers appearing in summer. Perfect for streetscapes or specimen plantings.

brachychiton acerifolia_jerilderie_red

Brachychiton populneus x acerifolia 'Jerilderie Red'

Small to medium shade tree with cherry red flowers, and glossy foliage.
Perfect for streetscapes or specimen plantings.

grevillea plurijuga

Grevillea plurijuga

A high grafted standard with upright pink flowers. The fine foliage with trailing branches will free flow to the ground.

grevillea aussie_crawl

Grevillea 'Aussie Crawl'

High graft form of the popular ground cover. Profuse show of burgundy red flowers in Spring and Autumn.


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