Hedging & Screening

At Botanix Plant Supply we grow a varied range of plants that can be used as formal hedges or informal screens. Our advanced stock means creating an instant effect for a fence line or boundary planting is easy. We are also proud to include in our range some selections from Touch Of Class Plants®. Below is a small selection of varieties that we grow, but feel free to contact us for a full listing.

waterhousia floribunda

Waterhousia floribunda

The weeping lilly pilly is a commonly planted variety for hedges. Luscious dark green glossy foliage makes it ideal for a clipped hedge or informal screen.

olea varieties

Olea varieties

We grow a number of named variety olives, including 'Manzanillo', 'Frantoio', 'Kalamata' and 'Picual'.

We are also growing a sterile cultivar, 'Swan Hill' which does not produce fruit.


syzygium australe_cinnamon_twist

Syzygium australe 'Cinnamon Twist'

A new release from Touch Of Class Plants®, 'Cinnamon Twist' is a compact grower, which produces masses of fluffy white flowers over summer. Its cinnamon coloured new growth turns to a glossy green, making it an ideal backdrop to a garden.

pitt golf_ball

Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Golf Ball'

An exciting new alternative to the traditional box hedge from Touch Of Class Plants®, 'Golf Ball' grows quickly to a height of around 50cm. With little or no trimming required, it makes an ideal plant for hedging. Mint-green foliage stays dense to the base, and will tolerate many soil and climatic conditions.


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