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Project Description

Tonal Foliage for Gardens

Over the last few years we have noticed a distinct trend developing in residential landscape design.

There has certainly been a move away from a traditional and heavy ‘green-on-green’ approach. Succulents, Natives and Mediterranean plants can all work harmoniously in a landscape.

At Botanix Plant Supply we noticed many landscape designers moving towards a palette of plants which blend both texture and tone. The use of silver coloured foliage is becoming increasingly popular. The use of silver amongst tonal greens can produce both subtle changes in foliage colour as well as deep contrasts depending on the plants used. 

Botanix Plant Supply produces a number of native trees and shrubs which are suitable for such palettes, below are a few of our favourites:

Eucalyptus cinera ‘Silver Shadow’

Silver Shadow is a grafted selection of Eucalyptus cinera which has beautiful silver blue foliage throughout the year.

The tree has a compact and uniform habit (mature size 10x8m) and retains the silver foliage colour into maturity.’ Silver Shadow is suitable for all landscapes where a low maintenance native tree is desired.

Botanix Plant Supply produce ‘Silver Shadow’ in both 35L air-pruned containers as well as in the more advanced 70L range.

Eucalyptus latens ‘Moon Lagoon’

‘Moon Lagoon’ or Fine Leaved Mallee, is a small evergreen native shrub growing 1.5 to 2.0m . The juvenile foliage consists of narrow blue green leaves which are desirable and the plant is trimmed back to promote this growth.

This textural blue foliage makes a striking addition amongst the brown tones of native grasses. It is drought tolerant and grows best in full sun and well drained soils.

Botanix Plant Supply currently produce ‘Moon Lagoon’ in 30cm containers.

Eremophila nivea ‘Blue Velvet’

‘Blue Velvet’ is an improved form of Eremophila Nivea, chose for it’s intense foliage colour and vivid flowers. It is grafted onto specialty rootstock also ensuring suitability to a wider range of soil types.  Growing to around 1.5m by 1.5m ‘Blue Velvet is a tough and low maintenance shrub, however will perform best with light trimming after flowering. This will ensure the shrub stays dense and promote subsequent season’s flowering.

While the foliage of ‘Blue Velvet’ is rewarding in its own right, the deep mauve flowers provide striking contrast through spring.

‘Blue Velvet was featured in many award winning gardens at the 2019 Melbourne International Flower & Show. Read about it here.

Botanix Plant Supply produce ‘Blue Velvet’ in a 30cm pot size.

Acacia pendula 

Acacia pendula also known as Weeping Myall is a medium growing evergreen tree with a pendulous form. It has soft grey green coloured and softly weeping foliage.

It is a native to an extended range of dry inland areas along the Australian east coast. As such, Acacia pendula is adapted with a wide variety of environmental tolerances, although It prefers well drained and sandy soils, full sun and will grow with minimal watering.

Botanix Plant Supply produce Acacia pendula in 35L air pruned pots.

For more information on the range of plants we produce, please feel free to contact the nursery, or you can view our full range here.