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Our customers can select from a large variety of native, exotic, deciduous and evergreen stock from 30cm pots to 400L bags.
While producing a core range, we are continuously exploring new lines allowing us to respond quickly to changes, trends and demands in the market.

Botanix is also recognised as a specialist grower of semi-advanced grafted gum trees. These are premium products, hand grafted onto specially selected rootstocks, which limit mature size, guarantee flower colour, and enables planting in a wide range of conditions.


As a premium nursery dedicated to client satisfaction we offer daily delivery services to ensure clients receive their products as soon as possible. This service runs throughout metropolitan Melbourne using our own trucks; modern vehicles with tailgate loaders to ensure stock arrives in top condition onsite. For regional or interstate deliveries we utilise specialist plant carriers.

We understand that for our customers efficient delivery is paramount, so we can adapt to any delivery requirements.

Stock List

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