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Project Description

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ‘Scarlet’



Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea ‘Scarlet’  is a select form of the popular E. leucoxylon rosea.

‘Scarlet’ is a reliable performer and has wide environmental tolerances making it well suited for street or parkland plantings. A uniform habit and predictable mature size makes it also appropriate for domestic and commercial landscape use.

‘Scarlet’ is a small to medium tree of 8m height by 4m wide and can tolerate a range of conditions, however will perform best in full sun in well-drained soil.

It has a rounded open canopy making it a perfect specimen or shade tree.

An outstanding flowering period from autumn to spring makes ‘Scarlet’ a bird attracting winter wonder and a perfect addition to any native garden.

Grafting also takes away the issue of foliage variation that often can be a problem with seed grown forms, while like other leucoxylon varieties ‘Scarlet’ maintains its decorative bark.

Highlights & Features

  • Compact mature size (8x4m)
  • Uniform growth and habit
  • Profuse deep scarlet flowers through Autumn and Winter
  • Highly bird attracting
  • Decorative bark
  • Wide environmental tolerances
  • Extremely useful in the landscape – both domestic and commercial


Plant Details


Tree – Evergreen

Mature Size

Height – 8m

Canopy – 4m