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Project Description

Garden Magic

Botanix is a proud grower of The Magic Series™ by Fleming’s Group, a crepe myrtle collection with dazzling autumn foliage and beautiful summer blooms that make them a highly versatile landscaping option.
Crepe Myrtle

‘Purple Magic’

The Magic Series™ now provides semi-dwarf and smaller growing options for Australian gardeners.

With a compact and rounded habit of approximately two to three metres, they make for dramatic and eye-catching features for small spaces or as part of mixed garden beds in large landscapes.

‘Coral Magic’

Like other crepe myrtles, those in The Magic Series™ are hardy and will grow well in varied positions. They have also been selected with a high resistance to pest and disease. This includes leaf spot and powdery mildew, making the range suitable for the more humid areas of the country.

Botanix Plant Supply has a number of varieties from The Magic Series™ available now including:

‘Coral Magic’ | Glowing coral pink flowers

‘Purple Magic’ | Rich purple flowers

‘Plum Magic’ | Fuchsia-pink flowers with deep purple foliage

‘Plum Magic’

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Plant Details


Tree – Deciduous

Mature Size

Height – 3m

Canopy – 3m