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Project Description

Geijera parvifolia

Native Willow (Geijera parviflora) is an underutilised street tree that is extremely hardy once established and performs well in urban conditions, making it an excellent option for the Australia streetscape.

Geijera parviflora is ideally suited as a street tree due to its small mature size (generally 6-8m) and its low moisture requirements once established.  It has a dense canopy and thin, glossy green leaves, with small white flowers appearing in spring.  The flowers are said to be citrus scented and are attractive to small birds, bees and other insects.  As the tree ages, its habit becomes slightly pendulous; combining this with its narrow leaves gives the Wilga an almost willow-like appearance.

Wilga will perform in most soil types (including alkaline), and even those where irrigation is very limited.  Its ability to handle both heat and some frost make it an ideal choice for regional or inland councils, where climatic variances can often be more extreme.

Highlights & Features

– Varied environmental tolerances

– Drought & frost tolerant

– Feature foliage 


Geijera parvifolia

Plant Details


Tree – Evergreen

Mature Size

Height – 10m

Canopy – 5m