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Our Top Screening Trees

Almost every garden requires an element of screening.

Whether for privacy, security or to block unsightly or offensive neighbouring structures.

Botanix Plant Supply grow a large range of screening trees and hedging plants suitable for all applications.



Acmena ‘Sublime’ pbr.

This selection of Acmena provides a mid-sized screening tree with dense growing foliage to the ground.

As the name suggests the foliage is light green with lime coloured new growth.

Growing to approximately 5m in height, ‘Sublime’ is a perfect compact substitute for Ficus macrocarpa hilli.

‘Sublime’ can be used for dense formal hedging or can be left to grow-out to form a dense natural screen.


Olea ‘Tolley’s Upright’

‘Tolley’s Upright’ is a low-fruiting selection of olive with a study and upright branching habit. “Tolley’s Upright” responds well to pruning  and develops a thick branching structure making it ideal for hedging or screening.

With low water requirements and hardy nature, Tolley’s Upright’ is a suitable low maintenance option for informal screening, especially for coastal and country properties.

Laurus nobilis

The trusty bay tree. Again, a tough plant.

Like Olives, Bay trees are tolerant of salt spray making them suitable for coastal situations as well dry and mediterranean style gardens.

The aromatic foliage is an added bonus and has culinary uses. We grow a number of varieties including ‘Miles Choice’ which has a more upright habit lending it self to as a narrow hedging solution. We have seen them used along the edges of pools providing a dense evergreen backdrop to hide the neighbours.


Backhousia citriodora

The Lemon Myrtle – Backhousia citriodora is a great native subtropical / tropical shrub suited to protected areas in the southern states. The scented evergreen foliage responds well to clipping and like Bay Trees has culinary uses.

Large clusters of white flowers are also a feature and can be used in honey production.

We believe Lemon Myrtles are an under-utilised screening plant and can work in native style gardens or with its lush foliage; blend seamlessly into a more exotic planting palette.


Eleocarpus sp. 

We grow a range of Eleocarpus including reticulatus and eumundi species.

Elaeocarpus  are native evergreen trees which make for fabulous formal or informal screening.

Their tall, upright and dense habits make them natural options for screening. however these plants are also very responsive to clipping. After pruning they re-sprout thickly.

Flushes of bronze coloured new growth and white to pink flowers are an added bonus.


Waterhousia floribunda

Waterhousia or Weeping Lily Pilly is a large native evergreen tree which has found a place in the home garden as both a shade tree and a reliable large screening option.

The pendulous foliage always looks lush, making it a suitable option as a backdrop plant where space permits.

A quick grower; waterhousia can be used where instant or near instant screening is desired.



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